Saturday, October 10, 2009

Catie: VIDEO!! of Costco

Okay, so we JUST got back from Costco and we are too tired for a real Costco post, so we give you:

The videos of our Costco purchases!

There were many more things we saw there that we could not purchase, but these were the essentials.

The video is in two parts because it's taken with my tiny camera and it only takes, like, one minute videos.


  1. I loved your video!! Do more!! It is so cool you have Costco, on three stories.
    Here is the wedding gift from Uncle Vaghn and Aunt Katy...$50.00 check. When the great hunter comes home I will have him put it in the Bank.
    Katy wrote: So sorry this is late. Hope it was a wonderful day.
    Steve H. called and he decided to come back and try another weekend. The rest of the party moved on to a new area to try to find Bambie there. Should be arriving some time tomorrow.
    Rachel and I loved Whip It!

  2. Buy a video camera! It is fun to watch your cinema career develop...
    Love you both!

  3. I smiled thru the whole thing. So good to hear your silly/sweet voice. I miss you guys!