Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ben: Law School Personal Statements

Let me just preface this post by saying that it really doesn't have much to do with Korea, except for the fact that I am in Korea writing it.  In the long ordeal of applying for law school, there are many hopes necessary to jump through, including:

  • Law School Application

  • LSAT Score

  • Law School Data Assembly Report

  • Resume

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • And finally, a 2-3 page Personal Statement

Much like the personal statements many of us wrote for undergraduate, law school personal statements are the type of vague, non-bragging bragging. In all honesty, the personal statement is proving to be the most difficult component of the application process for me. While the LSAT was tedious to study for, it was also fairly undemanding. Test memorization I can do, personal statements are suspiciously similar to creative writing, or perhaps non-fiction fiction. This is about as far from my area of writing strength and comfort as it is possible to get. Reports, essays, and boring papers I can handle with ease, but there is something about creative writing that freezes my blood and makes my brain go blank. Hence the reason I am writing here instead of my personal statement!


  1. Bennnnjeeee...
    Let Catie help you. It is her forte.
    And thank you both for the blog. It is wonderful to be able to keep up with you both. I never remember to call until it's 0400 or some such your time.
    I'll try to alert everyone who cares about your blog.
    Love you both!

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  3. Here, here. Listen to the Mom's they know best. Let Catie help you with the creative stuff. You can't go wrong. And yes, yes. WE Love your blog. It makes us laugh out loud and miss you both so much at the same time. It is like stepping into your world which is so far away from us. So across all that land, water, and air that has come between...I love you both.

  4. That would be Hear, are my son and I am your mother and I have blessed you with "creative" spelling...see it's not all do have a creative side.

  5. um, Japan wants one too. I feel your pain. Can I just use yours?

  6. The Personal Statement is hard for everyone and your characterization of it as "non-bragging bragging" is spot-on and funny.

    I've shared some thoughts about the Personal Statement here:
    Is the Personal Statement Relevant.

    I hope things have worked out well for you in your application process.