Friday, June 25, 2010

Ben: This World Cup Thing Is Kinda a Big Deal

This is a picture of Seoul at 3 AM last Wednesday. The funny thing about this picture is that this is for a game that the Korean team tied! The Koreans are serious about their "football" Here's the rundown on the World Cup as seen from Korea so far.

Game 1: Korea vs. Greece
Before the game most of the Koreans I talked to were skeptical of Korea's chances. So when Korea pulled off a 2-1 victory, the cheers were resounding even in our little neighborhood.

Game 2: Korea vs. Argentina
This game happened at 8:30 PM on a Tuesday night. Normally we would be teaching around 50 middle school students at that time, that night we had about 8 show up. All they wanted to do was watch the game on their cell-phones. Sadly Korea lost 3-1, with one of the 3 goals being a point they accidentally scored on themselves.

Game 3: Korea vs. Nigera
Since this game took place at 3 AM Wednesday night I figured most Koreans would skip watching it and catch the result when the woke up in the morning. I could not have been more wrong. Resounding cheers filled our neighborhood and every student I polled the next day had watched the game. I'm glad for Korea that it was a tie and they'll be able to move on to next round, but I'm also thankful that it wasn't a more resounding victory that would have led to even more yelling at 5:30 am.

Now that Korea has moved onto the round of 16 the football excitement promises to increase even more. I hoping for Korea vs. USA battle in the final game!

Ben: More Funny Answer from Ewha Tests

What are some animals that can fly?
Jenny: birds, eagles, and an airplane.
Anna: bee, queen ant, a dolphin.

What does a coffee maker make?
Harry: I copy a Picasso painting picture!
Sally: People.
Amy: My mom.

But the best blooper was on a listening test where they were supposed to fill in the blank in this sentence:

Alex's mom wakes up at 630 in the morning and gets _________.

The answer is supposed to be dressed, but a little boy named Chan instead wrote trashed instead. Alex's mom has a problem!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Catie: Saartje's Booties

It is hot here.

Oh, it is so hot and humid.  Maybe worse than the east coast, but maybe not.  Still, it is hot and we are without an air conditioner.

So, I am knitting tiny things that do not touch my legs or arms or even my hands, really:

These are called Saartje's Booties (I think you say Saartje like "Sartcha" sort of, that's how I say it and I am smart).  I have been meaning to make them for a long time, but now it is hot and I have little bits of sock yarn and things left over from bigger projects that I want to use up, so I making lots of teeny weeny baby things.

These were so quick.  I made them last night after dinner.  I know some people say they come out really tiny and they are a bit small, but they're super stretchy, too.

And anyway, I made them for our friend Landon's new baby and they make Korean babies real tiny, so even though she's 3 months old, I think they'll fit.

Saturday was her first 100 days party.  We didn't go and this isn't the traditional gift of money and gold rings, but we're the dumb Americans.  So, I think it's okay.

I didn't have too much trouble parting with them since they were so quick to make, but they are so super cute that I did kind of want to hold them all day and sleep with them under my pillow.

They're made of Ultra Alpaca Fine which is 50% wool, 30% nylon, 20% alpaca.  Alpaca is super warm so it should fit the Korean keep-your-baby-very-warm-even-in-the-drenching-heat bill.  Poor kid.  It's also really soft and a little hairy.  I held it double since it's so thin.

Now, I'm starting on this, which looks easy and quick.  I picked up some real weird yarn at the downstairs store today and had I noticed then what was in it, I may have reconsidered.

The label reads: 

Biosof Multi-functional Yarn blended with Mirawave

Gentle machine wash warm in approved detergent
 (are there detergents approved for Mirawave?  What IS Mirawave?)

Do not bleanch (that's right, please refrain from bleaNching)

Mirawave 50%
Tencel 30%
Cool Wool 20%

I know that Tencel is a fiber made from wood.  And I know that Cool Wool is a brand name of something in America, but I don't think it's a particular sort of fiber.  I can't find anything when I google it.

Mirawave, however, is.. ridiculous.

Or awesome?  In a completely ridiculous sort of way.

It's benefits are said to include:

Anti-static, anti-odor and antibacterical properties
Thermal regulation
UVA and UVB protection (don't all clothes do this..?) well improving your metabolism and "bettering blood circulation".

No wonder they don't sell it in America.. It would be laughed right off the shelves.  I know there are super great fibers out there, but this is just a little... a little something.

Apparently, it's some fiber blended with silver?  There's no real explanation of what exactly is going on. I'm a little scared to make anything that a baby might wear out of it, but I'll wash it after I make it, so maybe that will make it a little less radioactive.

At least I know the baby will BE PROTECTED.  From so, so many things.

The websites say it protects against staph infections and pneumonia.

My question is: Why doesn't EVERY baby have a sweater made out of this?  Or, better yet, a full suit of ARMOR.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ben: The first thing Bruce said to me today.

"You have to pay for the excrement tank."

I guess once a year they pump out the sewage tank and all the residents pay for the service. Its only 20, so its not a big deal, it was just a very startling sentence for him to say to me.

Maybe it will not stink in the bathroom so much?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catie: Natalie is coming to teach in Korea!!!


My friend, Natalie is coming to Ewha to teach with us in August!! Two teachers will be done with their contracts then, so I will be teaching and so will Natalie and so will Ben - we will be the only foreign teachers at Ewha and we will be kickin' it old skool in the hagwon.


I think this will be a fun day.

Also, Ben didn't mention how often they played "WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED" alternately in Korean and English during the election. It was a big, fat truck, usually accompanied by a long line of marchers.

And, since then, I've had the chorus stuck in my head.

But, yay, Natalie!!