Our Shoe Box List

If you are thinking about sending us a box and wondering what you could put in it, we will put our wish list here! This isn't a list of demands, so please don't feel like you have to get everything (or anything) on the list. We just can't ever remember all the things that we had been wishing for when we are put on the spot and asked what we want. So we will keep an on going list here:

Books, magazines, anything to read (can you guess who wants that?)
Sock yarn
Size 2 sock knitting needles

Yarn, yarn, any yarn
Chocolate (specifically Dark chocolate -- yum)

Kombucha tea - 100% raw, no fruit juice (I want to make my own kombucha with it!)
Buttons, buttons, buttons

Other stuff:
Tom's toothpaste (peppermint, with or without baking soda, doesn't matter)
Generic Unisom (the put-you-to-sleep stuff)
Generic Claritin
Castor oil
A food thermometer
Canned apples for pies
Canned cherries for pies

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