Monday, October 26, 2009

Ben: Navigating the Daejeon

We're still learning how to get around our sprawling city of 1.6 million people (which is a little bit bigger than Boise), but we're getting much better. We've figured out which bus to take to get from our suburb to the main downtown area called Dunsan Dong, which is where all the cool stuff is. It is Blue Bus 301 and it stops about a half block from our house. I made a discovery this weekend, which I am probably way too excited about. It turns out that if you enter in your starting point and destination into the google map of Daejeon, it will tell you which buses to take and where you need to on and off each bus. It's still on in Korean, but it is pretty easy to figure when and where to get off and transfer and such. That combined with some maps that we have found (thanks to socious) and made is making getting around Daejeon must easier.

Here is a map of our neighborhood, so that you can get an idea what is around us.


Here is a link a map of the whole of Daejeon (we live in the small cluster of tags north of the main city):  Greater Daejoen

Hopefully this will help anyone who is trying to visualize where we are and what is around us. Come visit use, we know how to take buses now!



  1. Oh, yes I will! Wish I could just hop on a bus and arrive at your doorstep! Thanks for the map. I'll be tooling around it a lot! :)

  2. Hey Ben and Catie-

    Looks like you're mapping stuff the same way I am over at Socius. If you haven't run into the site before, come check us out! I'd love to have your local map points added to the Daejeon Map!

  3. Hey Kim,
    I actually linked to your map below the little one I've made. It was your map that actually gave me the idea. We would love to contribute to the Daejeon Map that you've made, I'll work on adding the ones that we've discovered. Thanks!