Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catie: HappinessChurch

[caption id="attachment_77" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="we are here. in daejeon, which was formerly spelled, T-A-E-J-E-O-N. but now it's not. okay."]we are here.  in daejeon, which was formerly spelled, T-A-E-J-E-O-N.  but now it's not.  okay.[/caption]

When Ben was looking for jobs in Korea, we were thinking a lot about where we wanted to live: big city or small city?  And what sorts of resources and transportation we would have access to.  We were also -- sort of -- thinking about whether or not there would be familiar food available, because so many people in the onlines told us there would be absolutely none.

And let me just give a quick disclaimer:  We have been eating Korean food!  We are just super poor (and have been pretty much since we arrived) until tomorrow.  Which makes things difficult.  When you have a certain amount of money allotted for each meal, with no groceries at home to cook, and you are in a foreign country, knowing nothing of what tastes good and what is mostly squid tentacles and onion greens with fire-hot red pepper sauce.. you have to be careful.  One wrong move and you've got scary food in front of you with no backup plan.  You just have to skip that meal.  So, we haven't been eating familiar foods because we are afraid of Korean food -- what we've tried so far has been real good -- we're just afraid of running out of money at the moment.  We will be posting many delicious Korean food excerpts once we get paid.  Rest assured.

Now, moving forward.  We moved to Daejeon (the fifth largest city in Korea), knowing the

[caption id="attachment_78" align="alignright" width="300" caption="delicious spaghetti -- yum!"]delicious spaghetti -- yum![/caption]

transportation was good, that the cost of living was significantly lower than that of Seoul (the only reason we aren't living in Seoul), and thinking it would very likely be impossible to find familiar food outside of Costco.

Well, as stated earlier, everyone on the internet lies.

And this is our proof!

Look at that delicious food (assuming the red, wormy stuff is ground beef -- the jury's out on that until we taste it)!  And we bought it all at the Dream Mart, which is.. maybe three blocks from our apartment?

They sell everything important.  Peanut butter, jelly, bread (only white though - eh.), everything for spaghetti, and.. we just found grated mozzarella the other day!  Real cheese.  Not the, "processed cheese food product" american cheese, or whatever it's called -- which is mostly all they have here.

So, tonight, we get to have delicious spaghetti.

[caption id="attachment_79" align="alignright" width="300" caption="happinesschurch!"]happinesschurch![/caption]

In closing, I give you.. happinesschurch.

I don't know if you can read it.

But it says, "HappinessChurch". What kind of a church is HappinessChurch?  I do not know, but it sounds pretty sweet to me.

It was left in our apartment by the previous couple who taught at Ben's school and we think it warrants a little blog recognition.  It's over our bedroom door.

Who knows where it came from.  but it's shiny, gold and it makes me laugh.

- catie

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