Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ben: Skippy!

I have no idea how much peanut butter I ate while I was in China, but I do kpeanutbutter_skippynow the amount was somewhere around very very very very very much peanut butter (as most of my students would say). Anyways, Catie and I were very excited to find exotic Skippy Extra Crunch Peanut butter at the local Dream Mart grocery store. Since this product had clearly travel far from the decadent West where it was created, we were going to wait until pay day to indulge ourselves. However, on reconsideration we decided that PB and J sammies sounded delicious. For the reasonable price of 6500 won we purchased our peanut butter, and adding some bread and jam we headed home. The bread was a bit dry, but the peanut butter and jam were amazing, and we even had potato chips to go along with the sammies.*

*Official Disclaimer: While our last two posts have involved western foods, we have been eating plenty of Korean foods too (gotta love the ramyun [Korean for, "ramen"] cup noodles) which I'm sure we'll post on soon.

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