Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catie: "Poor litte Pekingese needs a loving family.."

[caption id="attachment_180" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="health condition: overall good except eye issue"]health condition: overall good except eye issue[/caption]

So, we've been looking for a dog, Ben and I.  What we really want is a Maltese or a Yorkshire Terrier, something small that doesn't shed (Ben has allergies), but that can keep me company during the day and also be fairly easy to travel home with.

In searching, we've read many ads on the internet, most of which contain phrases like, "I got the dog about 6 months ago and now I'm leaving the country, so I'm giving it away!" or, "This dog came from a puppy mill and has 54 broken bones and will need 23 surgeries at 2,000,000 won a piece!"

This dog is sort of in between the two of those, and is being adopted out by some guy in Seoul with 20 dogs in his house... or maybe by his friend, Sylvia.  And, to everyone in Korea who is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of all the unwanted animals here, we are not making light of the situation.  It's horrible.  But this is FUNNY.  We laughed.  A lot, actually.

Posted by Sylvia

Poor little Pekingese needs a loving family...

Here's her story.

One of regular volunteers from Korean animal group to Asan shelter lives in a house with a lot dogs in a city called Siheung pf Gyunggi Province. Neighbours of course know that he loves anmals & takes good care of 20 something dogs in his house.

Sometime about a month ago, he found this poor pekinges(being called "Pippi" at the moment) at his yard. He made a tour to find her owner in vain. As the door was closed, he could guess that she might have been dumped to his yard. The problem is that her both eyes are not good condition. She has proptosis on her left eye & it already got blind. As there's very rare chance to pull her left eye to where it used go belong, it needs a sergery of extract. It's comforting that the right eye has only a problem of cataract that can be eased with proper meds. He has too many dogs & cats needing enormous care at the moment, he is desperate to find her a better home. It would be nicer to have someone who has some understanding and generosity to accept her eye issue.

Personality : very lovely, friendly, well mingling with other creatures..
Behave : no major issues, bark sometimes but her voice is very small
She also showed a sign of being peepad-trained !! (is she, or isn't she?)
Health condition
-Overall good execept eye issue

-She had a skin desease but it's gone after treatment
-Not spayed
Others : He can arrange a meeting somewhere in Seoul if needed.

Whoever would like to meet her, please contact me at email@address/phone-num-ber. There's an adoption fee of 50,000won that will go to the rescuer to help him continue to rescue animals needing help. Fostering is also welcome..

To read the post and see another (slightly more flattering) picture of the poor little pekingese, you can see it here: Animal Rescue Korea (ARK) And this may only be funny because we have looked at SO many ads, but hopefully you derive as much joy from the A-mazing Kongrish as we did!

We love you all and miss you.

- catie


  1. Okay, now that I know you are NOT adopting this dog, it is funny!

  2. I think you are making light of this dog's desease... ;0)

  3. This is a terrible story. It made me really sad.

    I hope she finds a good home : /