Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ben: More Essays from Harry

I stole Harry's essay book from Aaron Teacher (he is in charge of grading his class this term) so that I could copy out a few more of his more hilarious essays. I wish I still had the essay prompts, because the context that puts them in makes his essays even funnier. Sadly that document, like so many others, went down with my laptop.

If I had a whole day to do whatever I wanted, I would go to PC room. Because my computer is too late, but PC room's computer is so fast. And PC room's computer has many games. My most favorite games are Starcraft and Sudden Attack and Maple Story. Then there are another special fun. That is playing games with some grilled cuttlefish. When I am in there, I am not hungry. There are a wonderland for children.

I should note that the above essay is neater and uses better grammar than most of Harry's essays. When I noticed and asked him about it he told me. "Oh! It is because my sister is write it!" Than quickly rethinking the wisdom of being so honest, he attempted to backtrack by saying, "Oh! My other name is Sister! I is write it!" Politicians take note, you could learn much from little Harry.

I have many good friends. When I play with them I always have fun. I have a nice guitar. When I play guitar all my stress disappears. Sometimes I go to the common bathroom (sauna) with my father. Swimming in there is very fun. I go to Lotte Mart at every weekend. When I buy some delicious puddings, I am very happy.

My mother is says to me, "The most important thing is honesty." So I'm sorry to mother. Because I sometimes lie. When I play computer game, I hide in my room. Mother is say to me, "You must quit the computer game." but I sometimes do computer games secretly. So my mother often walk very quietly to my room and opens the door. Every time I am discovered and horrified!

I like to eat, so I am a little chubby. I like three kinds desert. First, it is bread. Second, it is yogurt. And third is orange. There are sweet and fresh when I eat them. I feel that my body becomes lighter and my feeling is clear up.

I'm not sure if these are the foods that Harry likes to eat, or he is supposed to eat.

I become president. I can kill my people. My country will be very big. My country's people is rich. My country is like a heaven. School has no exam and children can kill teacher. So, my country's future is bright!

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