Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ben: Harry's Electric Guitar Essays

These are actually essays from last term, before Christmas. Harry wanted an electric guitar desperately, and mentioned it to me as many times as possible. I think he believed that I would tell his Mom how important it was for him to get one if he could only convince me.

Essay 1
I went to the music academy. In the music academy I learn electric guitar and nowadays I want to get a electric guitar. I asked for father to buy a electric guitar and than father said to me. "If you get good grade at the final test, I will get give you a nice electric guitar." I studied very hard and then I get good grade at final test! I am success! So I will get electric guitar.

Essay 2
This Christmas I received electric guitar. That moment I feeled the biggest happy in my life. A tear from my eye fell because I was so happy. My heart was beating so fast. I learned the existence of the happy tear that time. I thank God for father so much. I was proud of my new guitar. Whenever I play my guitar it reminds me of that happy time.

Harry than proceeded to bring his guitar to Ewha and set it in the chair beside him for about two months. It was really cute, but also a pain because no one sitting behind him could see around it and he insisted on seating in the front row. Thankfully his pride has calmed down a bit and I haven't heard about the electric guitar for a while now.


  1. I love your Harry stories!

  2. You have to write more about your students. That is so cute and so un-American!