Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ben: Frequently asked questions: about cell phone!

This is from a monthly pamphlet that the local "Daejeon International Community Center" puts out. Some funny, and very Korean English.

Q1: What documents do I need for to open the cell-phone?
A: Basically you need "the Aliens registration certification" and you "bank account(bank book)"?

Q2: What kinds of wire agencies are in Korea?
A: There are 3 agencies in Korea. SKT (SK telecome), KTF and LGT (LG telecome). SKT requests to foreigners extra 200,000 won for warranty fee when they register. To use KTF's service, credit cart is positively necessary. But LGT doesn't ask extra charge or other documents except 2 basic ones.?

Q3: I heard that there're many "Free" phones. Can I have that too?
A: Sure. But free phone connect with it contract. Most of contract in the Korea are for 2 years. (Basically 2years) If you contract for some determined rate system, you can get chosen phone for free.?

Q4: Can I get the phone through Internet?
A: Well.. There are many websites that available to buy phones but foreigner only can get phone by off-line stores. And stores are classified by agency so please make sure check what agency you prefer before enter the store.

Q5: I want use cell-phone only for an year. If so can I do 1 year contract?
A: First, it's impossible. As I told you before, contracts are for basic 2 years. So you have to pay penalties. So there's another choice. You can get the "pre-paid phone."

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