Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ben: Funny Moments from Ewha's Final Tests


a. What make you feel nervous?
I worry about call to my parents. Many teachers call and say, "Oh! Harry is crazy terrible boy!" Than mom is hit me! Is terrible!

b. What is a challenge you have faced?
My challenge is once upon a time I do steal some ice cream in the super mart. I am success!

c. How did you overcome your challenge?
My friend say, "You steal super market ice cream, I tell my teacher!" Oh no, is terrible! But friend goes to another apartment. I live!

d. Describe what you see inside Ewha. What does Ewha Academy look like?
Ewha Academy is exist many American teacher. So first I go to academy I'm so scary, but now I'm okay. Ewha Academy's not very good point is have exist detention. Is detention very hard and my arm very sick. Is in academy everyday have small test. So I must memory many Englishe. I'm very tired! Is terrible!


  1. Your challenge is once upon time you think can teach English Korea friends!

  2. I laugh so hard I may wet pants. I am success!

  3. Ooooh man, this made me laugh a lot.

  4. Hi guys,

    I have just left a post on your old blog site.

    my girlfriend and I are currently researching a hagwon in Dunsan, Daejeon call Ewha English School. Do you work there? The old blog came up when I searched the school name in google! Haven't been interviewed or anything yet the recruiter is just handing over our CVs and all that.

    If you do work there would you please drop me an email about the school ? Please send it to Thanks a million.

    P.S. if you could then delete this post so my email address is not out there on the open internet that'd be brill!