Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catie: They're all copycats!

Well, now everyone in my family has a blog.  It's nice.  Now I don't have to talk to them to know they're still alive.  It really simplifies my life. :)

Julie Swallowtail: My mom, in Pennsylvania, rockin' out to snow and gravy boats.

Miss Mayah Says...: My sister, Sarah, and quotes from Mayah, the almost-four-year-old.

Just Something We Do: My sister, Mel, and her husband, Rob, livin' it up in Libya.  Or.. y'know, mostly traveling everywhere BUT Libya, but she's coming to visit to me, so I'm down with it.

Allendar's Magnificent Creations: Jeff and his amazing creations.  You might not understand any of it, but I think that just reinforces how super smart he is.  He speaks a whole 'nother LANGUAGE.  I never even knew...

Right now, I am embroidering without an embroidery hoop.  Not some of my best work as embroidery puckers without a hoop, but.. I'm making do.

Check out the suh-weet blogs.

- catie


  1. We're getting Joshers in the loop. He'll be showinyahowitbedone, ya'all! Philly-style.

  2. It's really sunny and beautiful today!