Friday, June 25, 2010

Ben: This World Cup Thing Is Kinda a Big Deal

This is a picture of Seoul at 3 AM last Wednesday. The funny thing about this picture is that this is for a game that the Korean team tied! The Koreans are serious about their "football" Here's the rundown on the World Cup as seen from Korea so far.

Game 1: Korea vs. Greece
Before the game most of the Koreans I talked to were skeptical of Korea's chances. So when Korea pulled off a 2-1 victory, the cheers were resounding even in our little neighborhood.

Game 2: Korea vs. Argentina
This game happened at 8:30 PM on a Tuesday night. Normally we would be teaching around 50 middle school students at that time, that night we had about 8 show up. All they wanted to do was watch the game on their cell-phones. Sadly Korea lost 3-1, with one of the 3 goals being a point they accidentally scored on themselves.

Game 3: Korea vs. Nigera
Since this game took place at 3 AM Wednesday night I figured most Koreans would skip watching it and catch the result when the woke up in the morning. I could not have been more wrong. Resounding cheers filled our neighborhood and every student I polled the next day had watched the game. I'm glad for Korea that it was a tie and they'll be able to move on to next round, but I'm also thankful that it wasn't a more resounding victory that would have led to even more yelling at 5:30 am.

Now that Korea has moved onto the round of 16 the football excitement promises to increase even more. I hoping for Korea vs. USA battle in the final game!

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