Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catie: Natalie is coming to teach in Korea!!!


My friend, Natalie is coming to Ewha to teach with us in August!! Two teachers will be done with their contracts then, so I will be teaching and so will Natalie and so will Ben - we will be the only foreign teachers at Ewha and we will be kickin' it old skool in the hagwon.


I think this will be a fun day.

Also, Ben didn't mention how often they played "WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED" alternately in Korean and English during the election. It was a big, fat truck, usually accompanied by a long line of marchers.

And, since then, I've had the chorus stuck in my head.

But, yay, Natalie!!


  1. That is so fun! You and Natalie can craft together and commiserate over your plight sometimes. And they will let you teach? That is even more wonderful! You won't have as much time to cook all the wonderful foods, though...
    Love you--

  2. we are super excited.

    i won't have as much time to cook, but we'll have more money to eat out. we tried bi bim bap (red lettuce, carrot and avocado salad with a tiny bit of ground pork, rice and red pepper paste) on Sunday at our friend's church and it reminded me how good (and good for you) Korean food is. I'm excited we'll get to eat more of it.

    And maybe Natalie being here will make us feel more adventurous-ish.