Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ben: Monsters of Ewha

Han's monster pictures. Notice how they all eat different parts of my body? What sweet kid! Also, I think the middle monster looks like Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Here are Harry's monsters. I like that I have a gun and fangs in my picture.
This a pretty good picture of the front cover of the listening book that we were using in class.

All the classrooms have CCTV (creepy, but everywhere in Korea is watched by CCTV, so you get used to it and now it doesn't even seem that weird). If only it stopped them from doing any bad behavior.

I like how you "must learn military arts of the worlds" to attack me!

Iris drew this one and I look like I'm on meth or something in it. The kids didn't have to draw me as an Ewha monster, but for some reason they all did.

This is "Albert's World," where you must "kill, throw bomb, war, and zombie" and you mustn't "die, eat, or walk." Not sure how walk got in there, I guess Albert really hates walking. Also, it would seem that not being able to eat would make it hard to stay alive.

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