Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ben: The first thing Bruce said to me today.

"You have to pay for the excrement tank."

I guess once a year they pump out the sewage tank and all the residents pay for the service. Its only 20, so its not a big deal, it was just a very startling sentence for him to say to me.

Maybe it will not stink in the bathroom so much?


  1. Eewww don't you hate that word? It gives me the heebs. :S

  2. It's helped the smell a lot. Keeping the window in there open all the time helps, too, and we never shut the door unless we have to, so it stays pretty aired out.

    I hear putting a drain cover (which are for sale everywhere) over the floor drain can help, but the whole country stinks of sewer. We're a lot more used to it now then we were. Although you never really get used it.