Friday, February 19, 2010

Catie: A Second Fridge

We've had a lot of interesting difficulties figuring out how to store all the food we eat at home.

Costco is a problem for us.  It is great because we can get so many of the things we need like cheese and butter and these organic frozen vegetables we found there last time.  But it's Costco.  And everything comes in bulk.

Still, we can't get this stuff anywhere else.

So, we buy it.  And then we just try to shove it in the freezer and fridge.  Which...... works.  But is a little haphazard.  Not to mention scary times whenever you open the fridge or freezer.  Especially the freezer since bricks-o-chicken seem to fly out unexpectedly.

I was contemplating canning a few things.  They sell canning jars by the piece here and you can just water bath can them in a pot with a towel.  Or so the jar instructions say.  But the jars are expensive (3-7 bucks a piece) and canning takes more time than freezing, plus it's not as good for things like vegetables as freezing is.  And fermenting.  Apparently, fermenting is the best ever.

Sorry, nutritionist again.

Anyway, a few days ago, we were discussing the freezer/fridge dilemma and Ben went online, looking up whether or not anyone in Korea sells freezers.

They don't.

Kimchi fridges, yes.

Freezers, no.

BUT... he did find us a whole 'nother fridge/freezer combo!

Go, Benny.

And it arrived today.

It rocks.  First, it's WAY nicer than our other fridge.  It has SHELVES.  That aren't broken!  And the guy who sold it to us (for pretty dirt cheap) cleaned it out really, really well.

And second-- actually, I don't think there's a second.  But the first is pretty great.

We also got another mattress for when Ben's family comes to visit.  And a vacuum!!

I am very excited about the vacuum.

Now we are going to Costco to get frozen blueberries (so yummy in homemade yogurt and now we have a place to put them!) and a big shelf for the second bedroom, where food storage is finally going to start happening.

Man... it turns out eating at home is hard.

But it's also pretty delicious.

- catie

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  1. Thank you for the new posts and I love you more than you will ever know, sweetpea!