Friday, September 17, 2010

Catie: Lily

There is a little girl in my 102 Writing class named Lily.  She is very small, and only 11 years old (10 in Western years).  The 102 class is getting very close to fluent and her English may be the best.  Everyone else in her level is more between 12-15, which makes her look even smaller.

She says and writes a lot of very cute and thoughtful things.  Like the other day when she took my hand and looked up at me.  "Will you walk me to the elevator?"  Her voice is very young and she has a heavy lisp.  If I could take her home, I would.  Lately, she's been teaching me how to use my mobile phone.  She gave me her phone number yesterday so I could, "call her if I think to do it."  Today, she set my phone background to a picture of Rilakkuma, a very popular Japanese bear.

This is her essay from today.  I'm in love with Korean English (Kongrish).  It just makes so much more logical sense than proper English.

Should dangerous sports be banned?

I think dangerous sports be banned with these reasons; because of it is dangerous and traveling is dangerous.

The first reason is very dangerous.  It's harm to players and harm to family of players.  As well as if we hurted.  There will have very much money for hospital bills!

The second reason is that travling is dangerous.  Swiming from country to country yo could be die.  Another going and hiking fall is dangerous country.  And some times other countries have bad healthi care.

In summary, if there had dangerous sports, I should banned it because of it is dangerous and traveling is dangerous.

I think I will adopt her.


  1. She sounds like a real sweetie...

  2. I think all dangerous things should be banned. Like deodorant. Did you know 10 out of 9 people who used deodorant in the 30s are deceased??